Ambit Wheel's Flow Forming Process

All Doss series wheels are produced by the Flow Forming method, which greatly improves strength and reduces the weight by up to 30% compared to conventional gravity casted wheels. By choosing a Doss series wheel, you are not only improving your car's handling but also improving its fuel economy; the weight of Doss wheels are focused in the center portion of the wheel which greatly reduces the amount of un-sprung weight.
This process increases weight savings and durability by 25-30% (Ex: 18x9.5 gravity casted wheel weighs 26 lbs in comparison to a Flow Form wheel of the same size weighing ~20 lbs )
Our 18x9.5/18x10.5 sized wheels weigh anywhere from 19-21 lbs per wheel. 
While our 19" weigh just 20 lbs. 
Flow Formed wheels are the future and every car on the road and track should have them.

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